Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mary Jane's Farm!!!!!!!!!!

Please run out and pick up a copy of Mary Jane's Farm at your favorite bookstore/magazine stand. If they don't carry it yet, tell them they need to get on the ball and take care of that oversight!!!!!!!!!!

Our family and farm are featured in the November/December issue.

Check it out!!!

And thanks to Mary Jane, Ardis Eckel, Carol Hill and Sunny. I can't thank you enough. What a pleasure to work with you!


FarmGirl At Heart said...

Ahhh, the dream of a farm, great pics and hopefully my issue will be here soon. I just subscribed last week so.....Great job and congratulations!

Stella & Sugar said...

I read of your farm and life today in Mary Jane's farm and I admire your courage. I had a sneaky suspicion you homeschooled even before I came to that part. I was delighted to see it was true! Keep up your fine work, as the days go on in this world no doubt your instruction to your children in spiritual matters and other wise will be of great benefit!

Anne Marie said...

I just read your article, jumped out of bed and had to see your wonderful smocking.
I absolutely love to sew, but have never attempted smocking-
Yours are just beautfiul!!
From a midwestern organic farm wife, mother of five children, caretaker of our heritage chickens, horse, pony, ducks and my wonderful pet goose Gilbert, and one who likes to be surrounded by creativity and not television, I can truly relate to you.
So glad to see you working with Our Lord's bounty.
Anne Marie
Na-Da Farm

Bob Perrine said...

Thanks so much for the Muscadine Grape Jelly. I love it and will be visiting Java to get more when that runs out. Happy New Year.
Bob Perrine t1mperlake@yahoo.com
p.s. Your family might want to keep up to date with the history of Old Donation I seem to keep writing and finding more and more interesting things.