Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Gathering Herbs...

We have busy on the farm putting in our fall crops. The slightly cooler evenings tend to motivate us more than ever towards the contemplative tasks of weeding and planting. Of course one of our favorite gardening activities is harvesting and we have been busy not just harvesting vegetables and melons, but herbs as well.
Today we gathered massive, showy comfrey, so good for aching joints and sprains, feathery feverfew with its beautiful yellow flowers that mimic tiny chrysanthemums and silvery, fragrant sage. We use sage so very often in the kitchen for culinary purposes, but it is also the very first herb we call upon when one of the family is suffering from a head or chest cold or sore throat. Sage, along with rosemary and other members of the mint family is anti-microbial, anti-inflammitory and anti-hypertensive. It is also a blood cleanser and detoxifier. A cup of sage tea soothes a sore or irritated throat like no lozenge ever could.
Sage is also wonderful for your skin! It nourishes, improves texture and tone and promotes healing.

Thanks to today's gleanings, Farmer Kevin will be making a lovely big batch of our Cedar and Sage soap. Look for it soon at your favorite Tasha's Own location, Old Beach Farmer's Market or swing by the farm to pick it up in person!

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